Chelsey Walker-Watson (Eng)

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of the owners at Slate Coffee Roasters. Chelsey Walker-Watson.
Do you have any nicknames?
  • I go by Chelsey, my first name.
How did you started in the coffee world?
  • I started in Peet’s Coffee when they expanded to seattle, I tought I was going to be in it for a little while, but I fell in love with it. I spent 9 years in Peets, Worked mainly in Seattle and a little bit in Portland, then just went traveling, and my brother and my mother got into roasting coffee, and he asked me if I wanted to start a family business and here we are.
Where does the name Slate comes from?
  • Well, Seattle has a very rich coffee tradition, and we tend to have that italian roast style. So, he wanted to offer different coffee, lighter roasts and having a fresh start or a clean slate in coffee. (pun intended) It kind of comes from there. It also meant focusing on offering pour overs and creating new experiences for our guests.
How long have you been working in the coffee world?
  •  I’ve been working in coffee since 2003.
Do you have any preferred bean, process or farm?
  • I love them all, I really love the wide variety we can get in coffee. I also love washed african coffees.
Do you have any ritual or signature move while doing coffee?
  • It has changed over the years, but my goal is focused towards quality in coffee. I think my habits have changed through out the years pursuing a better quality in coffee.
Before coffee, did you work in any other industry?
  • No, I Started in coffee when I was in college although I studied something entirely different, It has been my one professional pursuit.
What was your first amazing experience with coffee?
  • I have two coffees that were extremely memorable with Peet’s.  Arabian Mocha Sanani from Yemen was like dark chocolate, banana and vanilla bean.  Peet’s Ethiopian Supernatural, the Idido Misty Valley, was phenomenally fruit as well and was the first coffee that I experienced that truly tasted like blueberries.
Who has been your greatest influence in coffee?
  •  That’s a really tough question, I’ve had many mentors and knowledgable people around me through out the years.  My greatest influence is the Seattle coffee community.
Would you like to know someone in the coffee world? If So, tell us whom?
  • I’d say Alfred Peet, I wish I could have met him.
How do you drink your coffee?
  • Black, Either Espresso or Pour Over.
Do you have any favorite brewing method?
  • I really Like Kalita and Chemex.
Favorite Music?
  • Lately, I’ve been listening to Julia Holter, Sharon Vann Etten
What do you do when you’re not behind the bar?
  • Professionally I run all of our stores and help overall running the company, and spend as much time as possible outdoors.  I practice yoga daily, run weekly and hike. I also spend as much time as I can with my friends.
Have you got any other passions or hobbies?
  • Yoga, Running, Hiking, and Cooking.
Favorite Food?
  • I eat a lot of vietnamese food.
Anything else you want to add?
  • I think we covered it.

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