Cera Armstrong (Eng)

¿Do you got any nicknames?
  • No Nicknames, no barista nicknames.
¿How did you start in the coffee world?
  • So, when I was in Highschool I needed a job, so I was offered this amazing opportunity to open a starbucks location. I received an intensive training not only as a barista but all the background too. Then I just realized coffee was much more than making just coffee. So I moved into small independent shops, just to get the hang of the business side of it, and be able to interact with that side more.
¿How long have you been working in the coffee world?
  • 8 Years
¿Do you have any ritual or signature move while doing coffee?
  • I don’t have any crazy moves, I love pour overs. I could just make them all day, I don’t know if this is a signature move or just me concentrated on the process. When I’m brewing I constantly look at my brew, even if I’m talking to people.
¿Before coffee did you work in any other industry?
  • Yeah, I worked in chemical dependancy, which was treating drug addicted adults. Which is funny cause now I’m in coffee (From one ilegal drug to a legal one). Then I worked in fashion for a high-end shoe company, and then I worked in production which got me more interested in working in coffee production.
¿What was your first amazing experience with coffee?
  • I went to a coffee place in California specialized in pour overs, they used to do blends but just pour overs. And it was the first place where if they said the coffee was going to taste like cardamon it did. So, I’ve never had a pour over before. At the time I used to drink only Iced Coffees, so the barsita gave me an Iced Pour Over, with cream and mint and the flavors I got were just amazing. So over the time I just started to ask for less and less cream. That’s how I got to drink black coffee.
¿Who has been your greatest influence in coffee?
  • My first boss, when I used to work in another corporate company, really encouraged me to pursue and grow in the coffee world.
  • And basically the whole Slate Coffee team catapulted me into the specialty coffee world.
¿Would you like to know someone in the coffee world? If So, tell us whom?
  • Of course there’s people I want to know, probably just whole teams of people I want to know. But probably the farmers.
¿How do you drink your coffee?
  • Generally a black iced coffee or or a black cup of coffee.
Do you have any favorite brewing method?
  • That’s a great question, I think V60. I think because it’s the method I brew the most, so I have that relation with it.
¿Favorite Music?
  • I listen to more Indie rock generally, that can vary. Or Post Rock. I like to brew to a band called Explosions in the sky.
¿What do you do when you’re not behind the bar?
  • I’m a climber, so I do lots of bouldering, and I’m studying to go to law school, and read.
¿Have you got any other passions or hobbies?
  • I’m super into climbing, its one of my favorite things. I also love art more on the viewer stand point.
¿Favorite Food?
  • I love fruits and vegetables. So a good Hearty Salad with a steak and a nectarine.
¿Anything else you want to say?
  • The thing I love of coffee is you dont need to work in it to be passionate about it. And it has a community spirit, there’s so much sharing of knowledge, people in it just want to talk about it and there’s no other sub culture like that.