Connor Mckay (Eng)

Do you got any nickname?
No nickname or anything like that.
How did you started in the coffee world?
  • I don’t know, I just think hanging around in coffee shops. I used to hang out in a really nice specialty coffee shop in Modesto California, until they just offered me a job. Figured out they should start paying me for the amount of time I spent there.
How long have you worked in the coffee world?
  • I’ve been around here (Seattle) about 3 years, and 2 more over there (Modesto), so it’s about 5 years by now.
Do you have any preferred bean or farm?
  • I think specifically we had a few from Intelligentsia a while a go. They were from an experimental farm in Colombia called Café Inmaculada, we had 3 special coffees from them. One of them was a Maragogeisha, A crossing of the Geisha with the Maragogype. I would say that’s one of the coffees that constantly blows my mind.
Do you have any ritual or signature move while doing coffee?
  • We actually just play whatever music we want. Doesn’t matter if it’s Heavy or Rap, just doing whatever we want.
Before coffee, did you work in any other industry?
  • I have an undergrad in music, and play in the local symphony orchestra. I play the trumpet.
What was your first amazing experience with coffee?
I dont think it was just the coffee, I think what did it for me was the people, just having this great community, great friends. It’s more of a way to hang out with my friends, Great coffee was a bonus for me.
Who has been your greatest influence in coffee?
  • Ahm, I wouldn’t say I’ve had a great influence from other barista or coffee person. I’ve always wanted to go to origin and know the farmers.  Inteligentsia had a party around here where you got to meet all the farmers they’ve worked with, from different parts of the world, and that’s what gives me the drive.
Would you like to know someone in the coffee world? If so, tell us whom?
  • I think I would just like to meet more farmers and people working the other aspects of coffee.
How do you drink your coffee?
  • Black, sometimes espressos sometimes brewed.
Do you have any favorite brewing method?
  • Not necessarily, I think each coffee can get its qualities accentuated with a different brewing method. So it just depends of the coffee.
Favorite Music?
  • I grew up listening Heavy music and Punk, but I also like the orchestral music, that’s my bread and butter.
What are you doing when you’re not behind the bar?
  • Playing Trumpet all the time, also living in the pacific west is beautiful so I just spend a lot of time outside.
Have you got any other passions or hobbies?
  • Just music and coffee.
Favorite Food?
  • I’d just say Yes to Anything with Cheese
Anything else you want to say?
  • Coffee can bring people together, just got to love the hospitality. If you’re not bringing people together then…Why are you doing it?